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Why You Should Be Using The Heads Up – Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo In Your Kid's Routine

Child holding her head.

Whether they have Type 2 waves or Type 4 curls, parents know how difficult it can be to do wash day with kids. It doesn’t matter if they claim to be “tender-headed” or just downright hate the washing process, kids can really make wash day one to dread. Luckily for you though, Aunt Jackie’s is here to make the routine a little easier with our Heads Up — Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo from The Kids Collection. Not sure why you should be using this for your under 12 kids instead of any of the other variety of AJ products? Here are three things you need to know about the product.

It’s better for their hair than adult products.

Though it may be convenient to use the same shampoo for your little one’s hair that you use for your own, you may want to consider using kid-friendly products going forward. While it’s easy to think that shampoo is just shampoo, this kid’s shampoo has a higher percentage of penetrating, natural herbs and botanicals that are needed to help your child’s hair mature healthily.

It’s a gentle cleanser.

Most shampoos that are on the market push themselves as being a gentle cleanser and while they may be exactly that for adults, it may not have the same level of gentleness for children. With the Heads Up — Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo, kids can get a thorough cleanse with a luscious lather that won’t make their hair dry.

It helps to make their hair more manageable.

Does your little one often cry when you’re detangling, washing, or styling their hair? With the Heads Up — Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo, you can eliminate that part of the process. Washing with this shampoo will help to make the hair more manageable as it includes shea butter, cocoa butter, and extra virgin olive oil. Just be sure to follow up with the Soft & Sassy — Super Duper Softening Conditioner for optimal results.

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