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7 Things That Make Your Hair Dry

Tired of your dull, dry hair? Your hair care routine may be the cause of it. Here are seven reasons why your hair may keep feeling dry.

You’re still using heating tools regularly.

Although it’s no problem to want to change up your look, if you’re constantly straightening or blow-drying your hair on your own, you probably struggle with dry and damaged hair. Instead of constantly applying heat, try implementing styles like roller or rod sets that can dry on their own. Our Frizz Patrol Anti-Poof Twist & Curl Setting Mousse is perfect to use if you want to give either of those styles a try.

You aren’t taking care of your color-treated hair.

Dying or adding highlights to your hair can give you the change that you’ve been longing for, but it’s important that you take extra special care of your hair when you do. Color-treated hair requires ample moisture as the color can sometimes strip your hair of its oils. Be sure to use a hydrating shampoo such as the Oh So Clean — Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo.

You aren’t protective styling.

Whether you like to twist up your natural hair or add extensions for box braids, protective styling helps your hair stay healthy, hydrated and promotes growth. When your hair is out in styles like a wash and go or twist out regularly, it’s easy for the moisture to escape your strands. Not to mention, you probably touch your hair a lot, too, which also strips it of its moisture. To ensure optimal moisture when your hair is in a protective style, use our Seal It Up — Hydrating Sealing Butter.

Co-washing hasn’t become your friend.

Though using hydrating shampoos can help add moisture to your hair, if you’re shampooing too often, you can also dry your tresses out. That’s where co-washing comes in. Co-washing with the Purify Me — Moisturizing Co-Wash Cleanser can help alleviate that issue and replenish the moisture that your hair is in need of.

You’re still skipping the deep condition.

If you haven’t added deep conditioning into your weekly routine, you will want to. Whether your hair is chronically dry or not, deep conditioning benefits your hair in more ways than one. Our Coco Repair — Deep Conditioner can return your hair to a vibrant, softer state.

You still aren’t sealing your hair.

After you’ve styled your hair and added all of the products that increase moisture in your hair, are you adding an oil? If not, you’re missing a very important step to locking the moisture in. Oils have the ability to seal your moisture in by creating a barrier for your hair, making it hard for any moisture to escape. Not sure which oil to use? Try out any of our Natural Growth Oil Blends to start.

You’re still afraid to moisturize throughout the day.

It might seem a bit “extra” for you to carry around a small amount of product to refresh your hair throughout the day, but if you know your hair needs that added moisture around lunchtime, it’s better to bring it along. Don’t compromise the health of your hair because you’re too worried about what others may think. The Shine Boss Refreshing Sheen Mist is a good product to consider.

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