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7 Tips for the Big Chop

Deciding to do the big chop is a bigger deal than some realize. Not only does it require you to dedicate more time to learn and treat your natural hair, but it can help you to discover a new part of yourself that you may not have connected with previously. Before you take that plunge to new self-discovery, however, here are seven tips to help you with along your path to natural hair freedom.

Be patient with your growth.

After the big chop, you may feel as if you made a big mistake. That feeling, however, will wear off once you understand that your hair can and will grow back. During that growth stage though, you have to be patient with the rate your hair is growing as well as how much length it is retaining.

Prepare yourself.

If you’ve never had short hair before, the big chop can be something that you really have to get used to. Whether you’ve taken the drastic route and have gone with a pixie cut or just cut your hair in a bob, for the time being, preparing yourself for what you will look like as well as the maintenance is needed.

Find the style that works for you.

When most people discuss “the big chop,” it’s often assumed that you have to go super short with a buzz cut. That, however, isn’t true. You can cut as much – or as little – as you need to make yourself feel comfortable. Find a style that suits you – no matter the length – and make that your guide to getting the cut that’s best for you.

Keep your hair hydrated.

Natural guys and gals alike swear by keeping your hair hydrated and if you’re contemplating the big chop, you’ll want to do the same. Not only does keeping your hair hydrated make it look better, but it also helps to keep it healthy, too. Although water is a good way to help with moisture, finding a good product to use – like Aunt Jackie’s Butter Creme Intensive Moisture Sealant – can help you really achieve your goal.

Don’t skip the trims.

Regardless if you’ve opted for the pixie cut or are taking it slow by just going with a bob cut, one thing you want to make sure you do after you get your chop is schedule your trims regularly. And, you’ll want to ensure that you get a natural hair stylist to do that for you as they know how to treat your hair best.

Wash regularly.

When you have shorter hair, it may feel as if you can skip your regularly scheduled wash days, but you shouldn’t. Keeping your hair cleansed is a way to promote a healthy scalp and therefore produce healthy hair. Be sure that you are utilizing products that are sulfate-free for your wash routine like Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo, the In Control Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner and the Quench Moisture Intensive Leave-In Conditioner.

Stay encouraged.

Going through a big chop can take a lot out of you. Even if you’ve prepared yourself and done all the research you can, the only way to know how you’re going to feel about your new look is to see it up close and personal on yourself. And sometimes, that can make you second guess your decision or even become discouraged about your journey. Don’t be though. Regardless if it feels like it’s taking a little longer for you to find the right products regimen or if it’s taking longer for your hair to grow in, finding different ways to stay encouraged will help you stay the course.

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