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Benefits of Shea Butter

It’s no secret that shea butter is a favorite among the natural community. But do you know why? Here are a few ways that the use of this timeless butter can benefit you.

Helps to repair damaged hair.

Whether you’re transitioning from relaxed hair or have done a lot of color treating to your strands, regularly applying shea butter can help in the repairing process. Application of shea butter can help restore the moisture that gets lost in these situations, protects the hair from harsh weather and other elements that cause damage. It also has a low SPF that can help prevent sun damage. Aunt Jackie’s Curl Spell — Almond Milk and Shea Butter Moisture Masque is a great product to help you along your journey to healthy hair.

Works as a hair loss preventative.

If you know anything about shea butter, then you know that it’s jam-packed with fatty acids. These acids, which are predominantly made up of stearic and oleic acids, are good for conditioning the scalp and providing the nutrients that the hair needs for growth and health. The anti-inflammatory properties are also beneficial for preventing hair loss.

Helps to treat breakage and split ends.

One of the key culprits of breakage and split ends is lack of moisture. By applying shea moisture to your tresses, you’ll be able to assist in avoiding that. In turn — due to the richness that shea butter has of vitamins A and E — you’ll help keep both breakage and split ends at bay. Our Quench — Moisture Intensive Leave-In Conditioner will be a great daily use shea butter inclusive product to keep on your shelf.

Soothes itchy scalps.

Have you been suffering from an itchy or dry scalp? Shea butter can help with that. The anti-inflammatory properties in shea butter help alleviate those issues and does so without leaving a greasy residue behind or clogging your pores up.

Helps to make your curls soft.

If you suffer from rebellious curls, shea butter can fix that for you. Brittle hair will be no more once you implement shea butter-based products into your routine as it will make your curls softer and silkier. By regularly using products that include shea butter — like our Seal It Up — Hydrating Sealing Butter — you will see an improvement of your hair texture.

It is a superfood for your skin.

Although shea butter is known to be great for your hair and scalp, we have to mention how great it is for your skin, too. Aside from providing great moisture to your skin, shea butter can also reduce skin inflammation, provide relief to itchy and peeling skin, reduce razor bumps and stretch marks, restore the elasticity to your skin, moisturize your lips and so much more. The Soft All Over — Multi-purpose Oil is great to consider for this.

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