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Habits You Need to Eliminate While Your Hair is in A Protective Style

Protective styling — if done right — can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your hair healthy. And while the installation process is often focused on when it comes to helping the health of your hair, there are certain things that you can do after your style is complete that can help, too. Here are five habits that you should eliminate while your hair is in a protective style to keep it at its best.

You’re keeping it in way too long.

It may be tempting to want to keep those box braids in for three months if they still look good. But just because things look good, it doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily be healthy. Your protective styles should generally be kept in for six to eight weeks — depending on your weekly and daily routines. After that timeframe, your hair will be in need of a serious cleansing and deep conditioning. After removal, our Power Wash Intense Moisture Clarifying Shampoo and Rescued! Thirst Quenching Recovery Conditioner will be great products to help add life back into your mane.

You’ve worn the same style back to back.

We all have that one protective style that we love to rock more than others and because of that, we want to wear it all the time. This, however, is one of the habits that you should eliminate. Wearing the same style all of the time can cause severe damage to our hair. From wearing the same part for your leave out to getting the same braided style, your hair will suffer. Instead, try changing things up a little for your next style.

You neglect your scalp.

When you have a wig, weave or braided style, it may be difficult to moisturize your scalp on the regular. If you have access to your scalp though — even a little bit — you must remember to moisturize it often. Oiling your scalp regularly while it’s in a protective style (if you can) will help the health of your hair and scalp and decrease the probability of breakage and damage. The Nourish My Hair — Flaxseed & Monoi oil is great to use for this.

You scratch your scalp a lot.

It’s impossible to think that you can avoid wanting to scratch your scalp while your hair is in a protective style, but you can minimize it. Scratching your scalp, especially with your nails, can cause damage and introduce bacteria and contaminants that lie underneath your nails to your scalp. It can also tangle up your hair at the roots. In most cases, your scalp develops a need to be scratched because it is dry. So, instead of scratching it, try adding a bit of the Soft All Over — Multi-purpose Oil to help.

You’re not taking your time with the takedown process.

When it’s time to remove your protective style, it’s easy to want to rush through the process so that you can enjoy your natural curls again. This, however, is one of the most important habits that you should absolutely eliminate moving forward. The take down process must be done with care to prevent breakage, tangles, and damage that could have been avoided if you had just taken your time. Using a water-based product like our Knot On My Watch — Instant Detangling Therapy or even our Half & Half — Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk during your takedown process can be extremely helpful.

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