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How To Tell You Have Healthy Hair

It’s often been said that having good hair means having healthy hair and we couldn’t agree more. Although having your hair at its healthiest is always encouraged, there are times where it may be impossible to know if your hair is actually at that level. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether or not your hair is in its healthiest state, here are five ways to know.

Your hair shrinks.

Although most naturals feel as if shrinkage is the bane of their existence, it is actually a good indicator that your hair is in a healthy state. If your hair is properly moisturized and hydrated, it will shrink. Still not a fan of it? Try applying our Don’t Shrink — Elongating Curling Gel to decrease the amount of shrinkage you encounter.

If after you conduct your wash and conditioning routine, your hair is filled with shine.

Does your hair glow with shine after washing and conditioning without needing to use our Shine Boss Refreshing Sheen Mist? Take a sigh of relief. Your hair is healthy. Take a few of your curls before adding product and pat them dry with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. If they don’t look dull, your hair is in good health.

There’s good elasticity there.

If when you stretch your hair out, it bounces back into its shape, your hair is more on the healthier side. Healthy hair should be able to be stretched out as far as it can go and when it’s let go, it should bounce back to its original form. If your hair breaks off when you do your stretch test, you may want to reconsider your routine.

It doesn’t feel dry and brittle.

One of the key indicators for healthy hair is if it feels soft to the touch and full of moisture. Healthy hair texture should — when it its best — be its softest. If your hair feels rough and/or dry when you run your fingers through it, then it may be a bit damaged and you should consider giving it more treatment. A hot oil treatment — using any of our Natural Oils — is a good place to start to revitalize your mane.

There’s limited to no breakage and/or shedding.

Haven’t seen any breakage or shedding during your wash days or even when you comb daily? Your hair is probably at its best. Hair that has limited to no breakage and/or shedding is a great way to know that you hair is retaining moisture and is under a healthy regimen. Our Half & Half — Hydrating Silkening Milk is a great product to keep handy for your healthy hair care treatment.

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